I need mental health support

Sometimes our thoughts and feelings can be difficult to cope with or may make everyday life more challenging. But Strong Young Minds is here to help.

What do you need?

Someone to talk to: Talking about our thoughts and feelings can help us feel less alone and helps us to develop strategies to cope in the future. Opening up to your friends or family can often really help, but sometimes we need to speak to someone who isn’t part of our lives and is just there to help.

Our personal advisors – Strong Young Minds Personal Advisers can spend time with you talking through what is holding you back in terms of your emotional wellbeing. It could be about anything that’s worrying you. Just fill in our form – or someone else can fill it in for you if you like – and send it back to us  (link to referral form).

They can also give you advice on other support you might need or activities you might want to get involved with and they can refer you on for therapy with the CLD Trust’s counsellors if that’s what’s needed.